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Mongolian NGO, volunteer organizations line up several activities for IVD
29 November 2007

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: IVD provides an opportunity for volunteer organizations to promote their contributions to economic and social development in Mongolia. This opportunity also allows many government agencies, NGOs, community groups, the private sector, just to name a few, to come together and celebrate volunteering and our common goals.  Many of next week’s events will provide information and experience sharing among various organizations currently working in Mongolia. Many of these events are open to the public with the hope that volunteer’s day is not just celebrated one day of the year but rather everyday. The activities listed below are a glimpse of various activities that organizations will be doing next week.
National Network of Volunteer Organizations: A Press Conference was held on November 29, 2007 which started the IVD activities of international and national NGOs in Mongolia.

Service for Peace
  • The organisation’s volunteers will be very active over the run-up to International Volunteer Day. On the 22nd and 23rd of November volunteers were out on the streets to try to convince drivers to wear seat belts. The volunteers congregated at some of Ulaanbaatar City’s main traffic intersections and displayed signs and hand out stickers, reminding drivers and passengers alike to belt up.
  • From the 8th to the 28th of November volunteers were delivered HIV/AIDS awareness workshops in 11 private and state universities. This peer-to-peer education encouraged more young people to take note of the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.
  • The finale of Service for Peace’s activities will occur on the 2nd December, when the organisation will run its now annual cultural festival. The event will provide a day of enjoyment to many of Ulaanbaatar’s vulnerable and isolated people, and will be run by volunteers. During the day 150 volunteers will reach approximately 1000 disabled and elderly people.

Institute for Future – The organisation’s volunteers will run three participatory seminars on the need for young people to be more environmentally-friendly. Over 100 high school students at the 23rd School will be present at the three talks to be held on November 29-30.

Democracy Education Center (DEMO)

  • The organisation’s V-Club (Volunteer Club) members will be running a presentation on volunteerism and youth participation in society on the 30th November. The presentation will be held at the University of Humanities, and it is hoped that over 100 students will attend. The speakers will come from a variety of organisations (including VSO, Amnesty International and the National AIDS Foundation).
  • DEMO developed the promotional materials on volunteering with the aim to raise the awareness of volunteerism among government officials and wide public. These promotional materials (calendars, posters, pens, cups, etc) will be disseminated to government agencies, NGOs, members of NNVO, educational institutions, international and foreign organizations, libraries and community centers. Also a TV spot on volunteering is going to be produced and transmitted via national and private TV channels.
  • DEMO is working to create a new website for National Network of Volunteer Organizations which domain name is (Mongolian Organizations for Volunteer Empowerment).

The Mongolian Wheelchair Association – on 3 December is National Disability Day, so volunteers will be helping the association celebrate through an event called “My Capital City”. 14 wheelchair-bound people will visit various sites around the city (the City Council Office, the Mobicom mobile phone centre, the Eco Construction company and Tengis Movie Theatre). The aim of this is twofold: to illustrate how difficult it is for disabled people to access most buildings in the city, and to give the disabled people a chance to see parts of the city they do not usually get to see. Volunteers will be helping the disabled people to go around the city.

Mongolian Blood Donors Association/Mongolian Youth Federation/Mongolian Students’ Association – All three organisations will be making a big drive to encourage young people to become blood donors. The Mongolian youth and student federations will be sending their volunteers out to various universities on the 3rd and 4th of December, asking them to promote blood donating to fellow young people. The Donors Association will work closely with the central blood centre to ensure that it will be ready for this big influx of donors!

Chingeltei District Health Unit – the health unit has recently prepared 90 new volunteers to work in family hospitals. These volunteers will receive their final preparatory training on family planning and HIV/AIDS on the 5th of November. To celebrate their completion of the course, they will be awarded with certificates in the afternoon, during a ceremony which will highlight the benefit of health volunteers to the wider community.

All the above activities are coordinated by DEMO (Democracy Education Center) who serves as a Coordinating Unit for National Network of Volunteers Organizations in Mongolia. And none of these activities would be possible without the assistance and financial support offered by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) and by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme.