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29 November 2007
Mongolian NGO, volunteer organizations line up several activities for IVD 
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: In Mongolia, several organizations came together to organize IVD events focusing raising awareness on HIV/AIDS, the needs of people with disability and young people. The activities will be held from 22 November until 10 December in various the capital Ulaanbaatar.  Read article
05 January 2006
Service for Peace celebrates IVD in 10 countries 
Service For Peace (SFP) held IVD activities in 10 countries involving more than 4,600 volunteers and participants worldwide. Here are summaries of the celebrations.  Read article
30 November 2005
VSO offices worldwide mark IVD by 'building communities'  by Theo Breedon
For International Volunteer Day 2005, Voluntary Service Overseas is highlighting the important contributions of local and national volunteering – and also the contributions of international volunteers – with a campaign entitled "Volunteers for Development: Building Communities Together".   Read article
02 December 2004
Building communities through online volunteering by Ian Bromage
Former UN Volunteer Ian Bromage continued to work as an online volunteer, helping a non-profit organization improve lives of women in Cameroon.   Read article
From: UB Post, Mongolia
25 September 2003
Mongolians return to Baghdad, this time as peacekeepers 
Ulaanbaator: In 1258, the Mongol general Hulegu, a grandson of Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khaan), sacked Baghdad, killing 800,000 people and ending its primacy as the largest city in the Arab world.  Read article

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