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Taking volunteerism forward in Namibia
13 February 2009

Windhoek, Namibia: First and foremost, in Namibia International Volunteer Day (IVD) included a dialogue on volunteerism with three main purposes:
  • To build a common understanding of volunteerism and a shared appreciation of its value;
  • To identify and propose ways of addressing obstacles that prevent the full harnessing and utilization of the power of volunteerism in Namibia; and
  • To document the deliberations and recommendations affecting policy or law reform in Namibia.

The IVD celebrations were also seen as an opportunity for Volunteer Involving Organizations (VIOs) to get to know each other and strengthen cooperation. This was achieved through a get-together sporting activity in Katutura.

The third activity was the contribution towards the construction of a Multi Purpose Centre in Havana, Katutura. The Centre will be used by unemployed people for income generation projects, community meetings and for pre-school education. To this end, donations amounting to about N$17,420 (US$ 1,750) were collected.

However, the idea was to ensure that the building is completed by December so that it can be opened on IVD 2009.

The 2008 IVD celebrations made significant achievements which included: bringing VIOs together, facilitating the collective identification of volunteering issues of common concern, agreement on the need for a national volunteering policy, and consensus on the need for programmes and projects for youth. Most importantly, the dialogue mapped a way forward to guide action in 2009.

Download the full report below.