Big rally, book launching in Nepal
09 November 2005, 15:35
by Beatriz Cook

We have indeed some initial plans for the celebration of the International Volunteer Day on 05 December, 2005, which at this stage are as follows:

1. Launching and distribution of "UNV in Nepal Booklet" (which is currently being written by each individual UNVs for final review/ editing/printing within the month).

2. December 05 will also be used as a prelude or a "kick-off" day for the "International Workshop on Volunteerism" which we are planning for late February or early March 2006. (This event is being organized jointly with the National Development Volunteers Service (NDVS), (which is also the volunteer arm of HMG under the NPC), INGO, Samuhik Abhiyan & Thai Volunteer Service and representatives from various Volunteer-Sending Agencies (VSA)where UNV is an active member and partner).

3. A big rally involving all the above-mentioned groups and participating NGOs, CBOs and VIOs (Volunteer-Involving Organizations) will go around the area. (Final area coverage will be determined later when we conduct our meeting in mid-November).

4. We will coordinate the celebration with other volunteer groups in other districts outside Kathmandu so we can celebrate the IVD simultaneously in different places of Nepal.

5. UNV HQ is also initiating some radio interview/global showing of UNVs voices from the field and we are planning to have 2 of our National UNVs who are the retired justices from the Supreme Court and District Court to be interviewed. (This is not final yet).

Other plans/program activities will be finalized during the VSA meeting in mid-November and I will keep you posted.

Beatriz Cook
UNV Programme Officer
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