Volunteers on the streets of Kathmandu
02 February 2009

Kathmandu, Nepal: This year UNV Nepal organized various events nationwide. In Kathmandu, a big street cleaning campaign was organized and held in cooperation with Government bodies, local and international NGOs and groups of street children and youth. This event was with the specific purpose of raising awareness on environmental issues as well as for a general aim of promoting volunteerism.

On the day, more than 350 volunteers participated in the cleaning campaign. The volunteers gathered in front of PK Campus, Bagbazaar, at 7:30 in the morning. Then, the cleaning activity was initiated by the opening remarks of Mr. Robert Piper, UNDP Resident Representative, who managed to spare time out of his busy schedule.  

All participants were divided into two groups and moved along the street sweeping away garbage from Bag-bazaar to Ratnapark. Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) supported this campaign by generously providing cleaning tools and vehicles to collect and carry garbage. Thanks to the cooperation among all the participants and the supporters, the busy streets of the capital city looked refreshed being cleared of dirt and garbage some hours later.

The cleaning activity ended at Ratnapark followed by a ceremony session staged at the garden area of the park. The ceremony started with a play performed by the street children supported by Prayas, a local Nepali NGO.

Each young 'actor' performed his own role enthusiastically to show the life of a village boy coming to the city and how he managed to overcome difficulties, especially taking up sniffing glue for survival in the streets.

In the latter part of the ceremony, invited guest speaker and personnel from the event organizers delivered speeches. Mr. Badri Nath Koirala, director of the Government's National Development Volunteer Service (NDVS), started with a welcoming speech in the Nepali language. The next speech was delivered by the Chief Executive Officer of KMC who gave his message as Chief Guest.

On behalf of UNV Nepal, the UNV Programme Manager for the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN), Mr. Karma Loday conveyed a special message for the day of celebration from the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Then, UNV Programme Officer Mr. Christian Simmelkiaer expressed many thanks to all the participants and supporting organizations. The campaign successfully ended with the closing remark by a representative of volunteer sending agencies, the organizer of this event.

This event was supported by the following agencies and organizations and we would like to express great appreciation for their support and contribution.

Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD), Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI), Global Action Nepal (GAN), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA),  Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), Kathmandu Training Centre (KTC), Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), MS Nepal, National Development Volunteer Service (NDVS), Prayas, Returned UN Volunteers Association of Nepal  (RUNVAN), Student Partnership Worldwide (SPW),  United Nations Information Centre (UNIC), UN Mission In Nepal (UNMIN), UNV Nepal, Volunteer Initiatives Nepal (VIN), Youth Action Nepal, Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO).

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