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06 April 2011
Village volunteers and a healthier Nepal 
(Left-right) Sushmita Sumbhamphe, 22, who is nine months pregnant, and her mother listen to Chandra Maya, a woman community health volunteer, at their home in Chowkmagu Village in Panchthar District in the remote, mountainous Eastern Region. Chandra holds a chart with the names of all the pregnant women in the village, together with their ages, number of pregnancies and live births, and frequency of their antenatal visits. Sushmita receives regular antenatal check-ups, and has been taking Vitamin A, iron and folic acid supplements. However, she has anaemia and swelling in her limbs. While Chandra has advised an institutional delivery, Sushmita plans to deliver her baby at home with the help of her mother, who has no midwifery experience. They will send for Chandra if complications arise. Chandra is a trained birth assistant, and has conducted over 150 deliveries in the past 14 years. (UNICEF/Anita Khemka)
Kathmandu, Nepal: "In the last 15 years, we have managed to reduce child mortality by two-thirds... it can be credited the role played by the Female Community Health Volunteers."  Read article
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23 February 2010
Nepal stands still for climate change awareness by Karma Loday, UNV Support Officer, Kathmandu
Kathmandu, Nepal: Nepal stands still to raise awareness of climate change  Read article
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03 February 2009
IVD with the underprivileged in Nepal 
Kathmandu, Jhapa and Damak, Nepal: As well as a street cleaning campaign, UNV cooperated with UNESCO and local NGOs in Kathmandu to distribute books to orphan children. There were also events in the Bhutanese refugee camps of eastern Nepal.  Read article
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02 February 2009
Volunteers on the streets of Kathmandu 
Kathmandu, Nepal:  In Kathmandu, a big street cleaning campaign was organized and held in cooperation with Government bodies, local and international NGOs and groups of street children and youth. This event was with the specific purpose of raising awareness on environmental issues as well as for a general aim of promoting volunteerism.   Read article
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05 June 2007
Female volunteers reduce child-mother mortality in Nepal 
Kathmandu, Nepal: The National Survey of Female Community Health Volunteer (FCHV) has revealed that active mobilisation of female health volunteers has helped reduce child and maternal mortality through the Vitamin A, de-worming tablets, polio vaccination and other campaigns. The country is also marking 20 years of FCHV's Service Day today.  Read article
From: The Rising Nepal
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