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New Zealand
If you have any news, press releases, events, documents, links or other information resources related to volunteerism in New Zealand, send them to us at and we will post them here.

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03 February 2009
Events across New Zealand 
Various, New Zealand: Volunteer NZ and partner organizations got together all over the nation to mark International Volunteer Day - here's their report on what went on.  Read article
04 December 2007
Volunteers keep blind in sight by Niko Kloeten
Auckland, New Zealand: They may come from different countries and different cultures but the volunteers at the Blind and Low Vision Education Network campus at Homai have one thing in common: They love helping other people. International Volunteer Day, 5 December, recognises people who give up their own time to help.  Read article
04 December 2007
Volunteering makes good business sense in New Zealand 
Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand businesses are increasingly talking about corporate social responsibility – how they contribute to their communities through time and money. Volunteering for a not-for-profit organisation is one way to help. Wednesday, 5 December, is International Volunteer Day, a day to celebrate the contribution that volunteers make to our society.  Read article
More about: Private sector
20 June 2007
Help refugees in transition by Susan Watson
Mr Huang Guohua escaped to NZ with his daughter Kaixin in 2006. Him and his wife were tortured for several years in labour camps before Chinese authorities beat to death his three-month-pregnant wife. Both were illegally detained for practicing Falun Gong in China. (Epoch Times, June 2007)
Auckland, New Zealand: RMS Refugee Resettlement encourages people to help refugees settle in New Zealand.   Read article
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30 April 2007
New report on Maori & volunteering launched 
Wellington, New Zealand: A research report launched today will lead to a better understanding of volunteering and unpaid work from a Maori perspective, says Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector Luamanuvao Winnie Laban.   Read article
From: Scoop, New Zealand
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Speech: Trustpower National Community Awards 
I have had the most wonderful day, immersed in the stories of extraordinary members of our community. This has been a day where we have been impressed by a cast of heroes, champions, angels, mayors and superstars all disguised as ordinary people. It has been a day where organisations have demonstrated that they live to serve - to serve with compassion, with respect, and with absolute dedication.  Visit site
IHC seeks young volunteers 
Karen Roberts, National Manager of Volunteering, says IHC is putting its focus on youth over the next year. She says young people with intellectual disabilities want to be like every other young person. In the meantime, though, all the work of its hundreds of volunteers is to be acknowledged with special events on 5 December, International Volunteer Day.

See also the New Zealand IVD blog:

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Australasian Association of Volunteer Administrators (AAVA) 
AAVA is a professional association for individuals across all sections of the community who are involved with managing volunteer programs within the Australasian region, including Australia and New Zealand.  AAVA is concerned with 'building the sector' through the support, encouragement and recognition of people involved in leading volunteer programs.  Visit site

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03 November 2005, 16:17
Local activities in New Zealand 
This year for IV Day we are encouraging a lot of local activity and with the assistance of the Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector (a Government agency) an electronic toolkit has been produced to assist organisations with their promotional programmes.   Read entry
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