What if there are no volunteers for Christmas?
15 November 2003

Wellington: We are sure you have remembered that Dec 5th is rapidly approaching and are in the process of making plans to use the day as a good time to acknowledge and remember all those volunteers that give their time to your organisation.

We are taking this opportunity to let you know what we are doing and to offer our assistance if needed to help make your celebrations a success.

Unfortunately this year VNZ has lost some valuable time for preparations while we have been trying to fill the Executive Director position. We now have Jenny Cochrane who is doing a great job coming to terms with the position and the day to day developments. We have some fantastic ideas for Dec 5th 2004.

VNZ has been asked by UN Volunteers to be the New Zealand contact for Dec 5th and to let them know of everything that is happening in NZ for IVD. They will in turn put this info on their web site.

So our plan for this year

Media coverage.


We have developed a media release (with the help of Elizabeth Goodwin- Communication Manager for IHC).The theme is "what if there are no volunteers for Xmas". This will concentrate on the big picture and the impact of volunteers over that time. This will go to all the local papers, major dailies, radio and television.

Local media are more likely to pick up on the human interest stories so if you were looking for an angle for your area you could follow this theme if you wished.

We will send you a copy as soon as it is finalised

We are sending a letter to all local bodies and MPs reminding them of the reason for Dec 5th and asking them to find out and cooperate with what is happening in their area/constituency to recognise volunteer effort.

Web Site

We are hoping to post YOUR celebration activities on our web site. Please contact us with all your good news stories and we will put them on this area of the website. We get a lot of random hits and this will help to spread the word. For anyone who is looking, our web site is one of the obvious sources for information or ideas about Dec 5th.

So good luck with all your celebrations. Please let us know what you are doing . and don’t forget to let us know if we can help in any way. Just contact Toni at the office.

VNZ Executive

This page can found at: http://www.worldvolunteerweb.org/browse/countries/new-zealand/doc/what-if-there-are.html