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26 November 2008
Nigeria - IVD events 
Lagos, Nigeria: The Lagos Summit on Volunteerism and Social Responsibility with the theme 'Volunteerism towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)' is being organized by Lagos-based volunteer-involving organizations convened by the Civil Society Network for Volunteering Development (also known as GIVE Network).  View event
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16 May 2006
IVD2006: Art and Music Festival by World Volunteer Web User
The Festival is one of the largest coordinated effort to help combat child abuse, neglect, and trafficking; to demonstrate that musicians and artists should be part of any collective effort aimed at community based child abuse intervention and prevention in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.  View event
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13 April 2006
International Conference on Leadership and Youth Volunteering for MDGs  
In Nigeria, the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) has been working in close partnership with First Lady’s Save Our Youth Campaign, Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre and the Nigerian National Volunteer Service at the Presidency in the area of promoting youth volunteering and Sustainable Human Development Rights.   View event
13 September 2005
IVD 2005 Arts and Music Festival  by World Volunteer Web User
The UYFI/IVD2005 Festival, offers an excellent opportunity for many young musicians who are looking to make a difference on a local, state, national and global scales; to showcase their talents to potential sponsors and establish themselves.   View event
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