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Impak: Pakistan Volunteer Corps 
Impak is a volunteer-run organization, supported by a network of individuals spread out all over the world. Impak provides volunteers from abroad who can work effectively and provide a useful skill set. While overseeing volunteer placements, Impak supplements the program with workshops, field trips, and extensive excursions. In North America and the UK, Impak recruits potential candidates who have a desire to work in Pakistan through a rigorous selection process. Impak also engages in other activities such as fundraising, outreach and networking with communities abroad, including the Pakistani diaspora.  Visit site
Swat Youth Front 
Swat Youth Front (SYF) Swat is a Non-Governmental, non-political and no ethnic organization. It is working for the socio-economic development of the inhabitants of district Swat. SYF was established in 1997 and registered in the year 1999 under the social welfare and volunteer and NGOs registration & Control Act 1961. The main purpose of SYF is to bring changes in policies with the help of the locals that can lead them towards the prosperous life. The NGO took initiative for gender development in March 1999 for the first time.  Visit site
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An Italian registered  non-profit organization providing free support to health professionals, families, volunteers and institutions in developing countries caring for children with leukemia, cancer and other severe diseases in compliance with shared principles and vision. The services offered will be pertinent to local realities and social values. It is working on a project to support a Thalassemia bone marrow transplant network and family support program (volunteer based program) in Pakistan .  Visit site
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