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Philippines - Related events
02 December 2008
Philippines - IVD events - The 5th San Juanico Bridge Walkathon 
Tacloban City, the Philippines: The Sumpay Sangkay 2008 San Juanico Bridge Walkathon will mark the UN's 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women with the theme 'Human Rights for Women, Human Rights For All'. The Runggiyan is inviting 1,000 people to volunteer and walk for the aforementioned cause.  View event
02 December 2008
Philippines - IVD events - Symposium on Youth and HIV/AIDS and Advocacy Run 
UNV in partnership with the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA), will host a Symposium on Youth Volunteering and HIV/AIDS Prevention on 5 December at Philippine Normal University in Manila, followed by an Advocacy Run for Volunteerism on 7 December at University of the Philippines—Diliman in Quezon City.   View event
More about: HIV/AIDS  MDG 6  Youth
24 November 2008
Philippines - IVD events - Advocacy Run for Volunteerism 
Manila, the Philippines: In association with partners in the Philippines, the 2.5 km Advocacy Run for Volunteerism aims at promoting volunteerism as well as raising public awareness about climate change, while an HIV/AIDS event aims to tackle MDG6.
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21 October 2005
Artists volunteer to highlight role of women, youth in MDGs 
A four-day arts exhibition on the roles of women and youth in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), titled "Women and Youth as MDG-nizers" will be launched on 26 October 2005 in Paranaque, the Philippines.  View event