European volunteers clear of litter 25 km of Baikal shore
08 August 2007

Participants in the International Baikal Shore Volunteer Service that is acting within the framework of the project Unity in Diversity have cleared of litter over 25 kilometres of Lake Baikal. Forty volunteers from France, Spain, Poland and Russia have staged the ecological action in the area of the popular resorts Enkhaluk and Sukhaya on the lake. It is held on the initiative of the Youth Arts Theatre of Ulan-Ude for the fifth time in succession.

According to the theatre’s chief stage director Anatoly Baskakov, the action has brought results. Holidaymakers have been accustomed to being given packages for garbage and to organised places of its storage. In his view, "Five-seven volunteer camps on Baikal really can solve the problem of purity of the lake's shoreline and simultaneously give the youth an opportunity to display their social activity."

The problem of impurity of Lake Baikal shores in the popular vacationing places is caused by the major share of unorganised tourism on the lake so far. The importance of the settlement of this problem is predetermined by the fact that the creation of a special tourist zone with a total area of 700 square kilometres has begun on the eastern shore of the lake. It will comprise water tourism centres and balneotherapeutic health resorts. According to specialists, the Buryatia republic will be able to receive up to two million tourists annually, which is 10 times more than now.

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