Volunteers lauded for contribution to Cricket World Cup preparations
12 December 2005

Bassetterre, St.Kitts: The local ICC Cricket World Cup committee on 5 December celebrated International Volunteer Day for the thousands of volunteers in St. Kitts and who regularly provide outstanding community service through youth groups, churches, service clubs, sports and cultural groups and individually.

 “We salute the many persons who on a voluntary basis contributed to the successful bid to host the Cricket World Cup. Since the award was made in mid 2004, a core of 30 persons has contributed as committee chairs and members of the LOC (local organizing committee), formulating plans, attending seminars and conferences, organizing and hosting functions and giving of their time and expertise towards the early planning for the event.

“Another 70 persons will be added to our committees in December 2005,” said a release from the St. Kitts & Nevis local organizing committee.

The release added that these voluntary efforts have contributed tremendously towards St. Kitts being selected as a new international cricket venue to host a One-Day International in May 2006 and a Test match from 22-26 June 2006 between West Indies and India.

“We are pleased at this juncture to highlight the opportunities which will be available in 2006 for many other community-minded and sports-loving persons to contribute to the great national effort required to successfully host international cricket in 2006 and first round matches in the Cricket World Cup to be played from March 14-24, 2007.

“With the exciting prospect of international cricket less than six months away, preparations will begin in January for the volunteer programme for the 2006 matches as the LOC joins the St. Kitts Cricket Association in managing the matches.

“Training of volunteers will be conducted in April. It is expected that in 2006, 100 volunteers will be required to assist in areas such as assistants for VIPs, ushers, ticket attendants, media volunteers, parking attendants, sight screen attendants, stewards, accreditation volunteers, administrative volunteers and medical volunteers,” the press release added.

The training of these volunteers will be conducted by experienced trainers who themselves will provide their services on a voluntary basis. As soon as the Test match is over, the application process will begin for Cricket World Cup volunteers.

Up to 300 volunteers will be required for this event. Security screening and selection of volunteers will take place between September and November 2006 when training will begin in earnest.

The volunteer programme for the Cricket World Cup will be standard throughout the nine venues to make the event one World Cup and the uniforms will be the same for the 3,000 volunteers in the nine host countries and designed for the volunteers to stand out proudly.

The volunteers will in many instances be the vanguard of contact with the thousands of visitors expected for the event and will have an opportunity to display the friendliness and helpfulness of our people. This will be a wonderful opportunity for adults of all ages to put into action our country’s motto of “Country Above Self”.

“St. Kitts and Nevis stands to benefit greatly from the international cricket to be played here over the next two years. Benefits will include substantial visitor spending in our economy, television exposure to two billion viewers worldwide, new cricket stadium, increased sports tourism and experience in managing international events,” the press release concluded.

From: Sun St. Kitts & Nevis
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