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Initiative to regulate volunteer work in Serbia launched in IVD
05 December 2004

Novi Sad, Serbia: A group of volunteer-involving organizations launched an initiative to regulate volunteer work in Serbia during the First NGO Fair of Southeast Europe marking International Volunteer Day in Novi Sad on 5 December.

Novi Sad-based organizations, Friends of Nature of Vojvodina, Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization, Balkan IDEA, Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre and the Youth Initiative of Indjija signed an agreement of cooperation to implement the Initiative to Regulate the Status of Volunteers in Serbia (IZVoR) to regulate volunteers’ work.

In an effort to promote volunteering in the country, the initiative is working towards “defining, verifying and evaluating” volunteer work in the whole country.

Several government agencies -- Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth and the Secretariat of Labour, Employment and Gender Equality – have already agreed to support the group and its goals.