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If you have any news, press releases, events, documents, links or other information resources related to volunteerism in Singapore, send them to us at and we will post them here.

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30 July 2007
Student volunteerism on the rise in Singapore 
Singapore City, Singapore: Volunteering for good causes or social activities is rising among students, according to the Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister at a student forum.  Read article
From: Channel News Asia
More about: Infrastructure
29 August 2006
Volunteerism key to education: Singapore minister 
Singapore City, Singapore: The Singaporean education minister believes volunteering is key to national education. He notes that student volunteerism is continuously growing and young people are increasingly seeking volunteer opportunities locally and abroad.  Read article
24 July 2006
600 volunteer to express support to cancer victims  
Singapore City, Singapore: Some 340 volunteers shaved their heads on Sunday in a bid to send a message of love and hope to children suffering from cancer.   Read article
From: Channel News Asia
More about: Children  Health
13 July 2006
Singaporeans donate less money but volunteer more time: survey 
Singapore City, Singapore: A survey has found that Singaporeans donated less money to charities, but volunteered more of their time. Only 89 percent gave money to charity last year, compared to 97 percent in 2004. However, Singaporeans rendered 40 percent more hours of volunteer work than 2 years ago.   Read article
30 May 2006
More Singaporean medical personnel, volunteers leave for quake-hit Yogyakarta 
Singapore City, Singapore: Forty medical personnel and volunteers from Alexandra Hospital, the Singapore Red Cross and Mercy Relief left for Yogyakarta on Tuesday morning to help quake victims there.   Read article


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Volunteers push green movement 
Ong Chee Siang spends many sleepless nights mentoring young environmentalists, educating people about climate change and organising green events. He is part of a growing number of National Environment Agency (NEA) volunteers who promote recycling, help residents improve energy efficiency, and educate Singaporeans about climate change.   Visit site
Central body to help volunteer efforts in Singapore 
Volunteers, schools and independent organizations keen on organizing overseas humanitarian trips will now have a central body to turn to for information. Launched on Saturday, the International Volunteerism Association (IVA) aims to connect locally based groups who organize such trips into a close-knit network that shares resources through talks and joint training programmes.   Visit site