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600 volunteer to express support to cancer victims
24 July 2006

Singapore City, Singapore: Some 340 volunteers shaved their heads on Sunday in a bid to send a message of love and hope to children suffering from cancer.

Another 300 volunteers are expected to lop off their hair next Sunday for "Hair for Hope, a fundraising event by the Children's Cancer Foundation.

When it started in 2003, nine volunteers sacrificed their crowning glory and helped raise $2,000. Last year, 310 'shavees' helped raise some $147,000.

This year, there are more than 500 volunteers - the oldest is 65 years old and the youngest just a year old.

Their target is to raise $250,000 to help children with cancer and their families.

Fuji Xerox Singapore - a long-time supporter of the Children's Cancer Foundation - not only sent a team of 11 volunteer shavees but also pledged a dollar-for-dollar match for the money raised by the team.

It was not just the men who gamely came under the razor to sport the 'Zidane look'. This year, 80 women parted with their lovely locks - a 170% increase from last year.

Every shaven head is a show of support and helps the public understand the ordeals a child with cancer is subjected to - including hair loss due to treatment.

Some of the volunteers say they have friends and family members who are battling cancer. And they want to cheer the cancer-stricken children and their families on in their brave fight against the disease.