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South Africa
If you have any news, press releases, events, documents, links or other information resources related to volunteerism in South Africa, send them to us at and we will post them here.

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18 July 2011
Happy Mandela Day! 
Pretoria, South Africa: It's about volunteering! Monday 18 July is Mandela Day, and it's one of the landmarks during this special year for volunteers.

The Mandela Day campaign message is simple: Nelson Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity. The campaign is asking is that everyone gives 67 minutes of their time, whether it’s supporting their chosen charity or serving their local community.

Mandela Day is a call to action for individuals – for people everywhere – to take responsibility for changing the world into a better place, one small step at a time, just as Mr. Mandela did.  Read article
19 May 2010
UNV volunteer shoots '8 Goals for Africa' 
Accompanied by a music video, ‘8 Goals for Africa’ is being disseminated free of charge locally and internationally, before, during and after the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The performing artists will also make special appearances during the soccer tournament, promoting the MDGs and calling for action. 
The music video will be screened throughout the World Cup, across all the fan parks and public viewing areas. On the day of the finals, all eight artists will come together to sing the song in a live performance at the Soccer City Fan Fest in Johannesburg. The video will also be distributed to the international media. (UNIC South Africa/'8 Goals for the MDGs')
Pretoria, South Africa: A UNV volunteer has brought together Africa's top musicians for a high-profile campaign connecting the Millennium Development Goals with the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.  Read article
12 January 2010
A vision of a sustainable South Africa by Halima Chande, UNV Programme Officer, Johannesburg
Limpopo Province, South Africa: "We worked hard," said Halima Chande, one of the organizers. "But with work, songs, drama, local dances and a good lunch with drinks, it was not viewed as a social function by the young generation. I was so moved that after establishing almost one acre of orchard, these young people did not feel tired..."  Read article
More about: Environment  HIV/AIDS  Youth
20 June 2007
Five-country cross-national study on civic service and volunteering in SADC  
VOSESA has conducted a cross-national study on civic service and volunteering in five southern African countries: Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The study focused on the form and extent of civic service programmes in these countries.  Read article
19 June 2007
Research Partnerships Build the Service Field in Africa 
This research demonstrates how different actors in the South African region are co-operating to address the human development challenges in the five countries - Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The service initiatives reported on contribute to developing knowledge and good practice, and demonstrate the role that service and volunteering can play in promoting the achievement of national social development goals and priorities.   Read article


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Umpalazi (South Africa) 
A community and wildlife project that incorporates local community upliftment, including skills training, environmental education and aid work; with the rehabilitation of injured and/or orphaned wildlife for future release and monitoring. Umpalazi also provides sanctuary for other displaced animals.  Visit site
Sinakekele Children 
Sinakekele Children is committed to upholding and promoting children’s rights, and providing care for abandoned babies affected by/infected with HIV/AIDS.  Visit site
Willing Workers in South Africa (WWISA) 
WWISA is a community-focused organisation that aims to harness the energies of the international volunteer movement to support the development of independent and sustainable projects that respond to the identified needs of under-privileged communities, assisting them in the enhancement of existing skills and the acquisition of new expertise to sustain and further such projects, thereby promoting the development of fully fledged, well-informed, productive citizens in democratic South Africa.  Visit site

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08 May 2006, 11:11
Volunteering in South Africa 
I have started a volunteer program for USA rangers (US Forest Service, etc.) to South Africa (SA) 3 years ago, and it runs very well. I will be looking for international volunteers with a wide range of skills and experience who would be interested to volunteer in SA.   Read entry
02 December 2005, 16:27
Human Chain campaign in South Africa 
The Human Chain is a campaign whereby over 500 youth from Johannesburg will hold hands creating a chain for five kilometres around the Johannesburg Civic Center to symbolize youth unity towards 0% new HIV infections by year 2020.  Read entry
From: IVD 2005 Blog