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Volunteering in South Africa
08 May 2006, 11:11
by Pierre van den Berg

I have started a volunteer program for USA rangers (US Forest Service, etc.) to South Africa (SA) 3 years ago, and it runs very well. I will soon be in a position to considerably broaden the scope of the program, and will be looking for international volunteers with a wide range of skills and experience who would be interested to volunteer in SA. Examples of projects will include work on nature reserves, wilderness areas and private game farms (e.g. rehabilitation of eroded sites, construction and maintenance of fences, trail/footpath development and maintenance, monitoring of plants and animals, etc.); various projects on agricultural farms, e.g. building of cottages, assisting and motivating local farm workers in a wide range of duties, AND A LOT MORE.

If this sounds like the perfect experience for you, please send me a mail at or I will need a resume/CV and some contactable references. I have a list of previous international volunteers who did awesome work on my program, and you will be welcome to contact any of them.