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Voluntary Service for Peace (VSFP) 
Voluntary Service for Peace (VSFP) is an international voluntary youth organization, working for global peace through voluntary service and youth mobilization in India and Sri Lanka. VSFP networks with international and national organizations to promote cross-cultural voluntary social camps and to create global peace through various activities.  Visit site
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The power of volunteerism 
Mr. de Silva is one of those individuals proving that not only can one directly improve one’s own community, but also inspire others to do the same. He recently became one of two Sri Lankans recognised in the Globus Indus Technovator Award, an honour awarded annually by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he joins fellow Sri Lankan Prasanga Lokuge as GITA’s 2007 recipients in the Grass Roots / Developmental category.  Visit site
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Developing World Connections  
DWC is a non-profit organization with charitable status in Canada offering ordinary people meaningful volunteer opportunities in the developing world. We know from experience that these introductions always lead to a global perspective, and a deep understanding that leaves a profound effect on both the volunteer and the communities that are empowered by our participation. Currently offering projects in Sri Lanka, Guatemala and Thailand.   Visit site
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Volunteer International 
An organization owned and run by Sri Lankans from their own country, Volunteer International brings volunteers from around the world to place them in media, conservation, hospitality, and the fashion industry programmes. Assignments  are available for three or six months at a cost of £1495 to £2395. In addition, online application requires a deposit of £175.  Visit site
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