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29 March 2011
Volunteerism need of the hour by Nethali Struys
The major initiative of International Year of Volunteers, the IYV+10 steering Committee, the Volunteer Forum commenced on Friday at the Galle Face Hotel under the motto "Celebrating the Great Diversity of Volunteers in Sri Lanka".

The event brought together around a group of 150 participants including a range of stakeholders from the private sector, civil society, youth organizations, academia and government, to network inspire, to inspire and foster a national dialogue towards strengthening the volunteerism spirit and actions in Sri Lanka.

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From: Daily News, Sri Lanka
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12 March 2011
Focus: ‘V’ for ‘Visibility’ in Sri Lanka by Sonia Josserand Mercier, UNV Programme Officer, Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka: In Sri Lanka, efforts are underway to ensure the International Year of Volunteers +10 gets all the visibility needed - from online to the cricket creaseline...  Read article
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03 February 2009
A blaze of colour for IVD in Sri Lanka 
(Sanjeeva De Silva)
Colombo, Sri Lanka: On 10 December 2008, a group of artists from Theatre Y performed for the very first time in Sri Lanka as part of the International Volunteer Day celebrations organized by UNV in Sri Lanka.  Read article
09 October 2008
Volunteerism in an aging society by VOICE
Colombo, Sri Lanka: This brief provides a conceptual framework to link Volunteerism for Development with a series of aging-related issues. Volunteerism can foster elders' empowerment, aiding intergenerational solidarity. The document also looks back over the Sri Lanka Elders' Committees and the work of the HelpAge voluntary home care programme, with recommendations for future policy.  Read article
03 January 2008
Medical volunteers help Sri Lanka restore health care by Faiza Elmasry
On December 26, 2004, a tsunami devastated Sri Lanka, claiming nearly 40,000 lives and displacing one million people. In the southern province of the country, the costal children hospital was destroyed and many nurses died in the tragedy. Three years later, much rebuilding remains to be done. As Faiza Elmasry tells us, efforts are underway not just to rebuild this hospital, but also to bring in modern technology, train medical staff and renovate Sri Lanka's health care system.  Read article
From: Voice of America
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