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Volunteers make scouting possible
01 December 2004

Geneva: International Volunteer Day is on 5 December each year and is officially recognized by the United Nations as a day on which volunteers around the world are recognized and celebrated for their contributions and dedication.

On this day we want to thank the more than 3 million adult volunteers in Scouting: those who work directly with young girls and boys, and those who support Scouting in so many other capacities at all levels. Without them, there would be no Scouting!

With the support of volunteers, Scouts are helping to make a better, more peaceful, world.

In speaking of service to others, Scouting's Founder Robert Baden-Powell wrote, "Two courses lie open to every man - self or service. He has to choose for himself which is to be his real motive. Self is the more comfortable; service involves sacrifice. If a fellow is not capable of sacifice he should not call himself a man. But where he practices it the better to express his love, let him be assured that life will be to him a very real and happy posession."

From: World Organization of the Scout Movement