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Uganda: United Way for the Needy
22 January 2007

Kampala, Uganda: We have seen many charities and we are still seeing more but at the moment we can embrace United Way, a non-governmental organisation set to help the needy through funding from people like you and me.

Based in the US, United Way has been in Uganda for the last two years but was yet to be formally launched. Last Friday, saw the opening of the charity with slogans such as "What matters","Together we can make a difference in our community", and "Together we matter."
Charles Nangosia, who hails from Mbale but is based in the US and is a founder member of the NGO's Uganda Chapter, witnessed the launch. Nangosia, a systems engineer with United Way in Virginia, said the NGO mainly focuses on volunteering to help the unprivileged.
With time, place and spirit as free aspects, Angelina Wapakabulo hosted guests at her Bugolobi home free of charge and treated them to food, drinks and music in the true United Way spirit.

Nangosia asserted that United Way properly accounts for all funds used. He announced a pledge of four million mosquito nets whose beneficiaries include expectant mothers, children and people with HIV.

Also in the offing is the opening of a clinic in Mbale and construction of an intensive care unit at Sanyu Babies Home. If you wish to join, you can register through: