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19 March 2006 
Treasure Hunt
Kiev, Ukraine
The event, "Treasure Hunt", will gather volunteers, youth groups, UN agency employees, among others, in a game that will highlight the MDGs and benefits of volunteering in Ukraine.

Every team will receive a folder containing the first of the 7 questions/tests that the participants will have to answer in order to win the final prize.

The questions pertain to MDGs, the concept of volunteerism and HIV/AIDS. In order to successfully pass the tests the participants will mainly have to gather information as well as different kind of objects. Aim of these “games within the games” is also to make the participants interact with the local community. This will raise awareness on the mentioned topics and attract public attention.

Organizer: UNV/UNDP (HIV/AIDS Governance Project)
Premises of VIOs in Kiev, public space, city of Kiev.
5 USD each Team (4 persons)