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United Kingdom
If you have any news, press releases, events, documents, links or other information resources related to volunteerism in United Kingdom, send them to us at and we will post them here.

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26 May 2011
VSO and Peace Corps link up in 'special relationship' 
London, UK: Volunteering is part of the US-UK ‘special relationship’, said Barack Obama and David Cameron who announced that the two countries would continue working together through  the Peace Corps and VSO.  Read article
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13 October 2009
UK volunteers roost on Parliament's roof urging to meet climate change challenges 
London, UK: Fifty-five Greenpeace volunteers Sunday scaled the walls of the UK's Houses of Parliament and occupied the roof to call for a new style of politics in Britain, one capable of rising to meet the challenge of climate change.  Read article
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04 December 2008
Welsh volunteers get their annual chance to shine 
Cardiff, Wales, UK: Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) is calling for nominations for its annual award scheme which rewards and recognizes the people who keep the wheels of Wales’s vibrant third sector turning.  Read article
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02 December 2008
British politician mucks in for IVD 
Brent, London, UK: Brent Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP) Sarah Teather and her entire office team will spend International Volunteer Day working with local charitable organizations.
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23 June 2008
British Red Cross 
All services provided by the British Red Cross rely on volunteers who selflessly give their time to help others. It offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities in different sectors accross the organization.  Read article


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A week in Uganda for ex-BBC director 
Former Director General for the BBC Greg Dyke recently spent a week in Uganda with VSO staff and his partner Sue Howes, who volunteered there with VSO back in 1968. In his colourful diary Greg vividly describes the excitement of returning to the school Sue volunteered in over 40 years ago and the many challenges children in Uganda are overcoming today.  Visit site
Africa and Asia Venture 
Africa & Asia Venture Ltd (AV), based in the UK, was set up in 1993 as a specialist gap year volunteering organisation for volunteers aged 17 to 25. AV now works with projects in China, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Nepal, Tanzania, Thailand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Uganda. Over the past 15 years AV’s 4,500+ volunteers have contributed the equivalent of more than 1,200 years of volunteer service in developing countries.  Visit site
Hands Up Holidays 
Hands Up Holidays organizes holidays that combine eco-sightseeing with volunteering, giving people the opportunity to have interaction with local people and give something back to local communities through a taste of volunteering.  Visit site

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07 December 2007, 11:42
UK: VSO's 'Big Hand' campaign launched 
In 2008, VSO will be celebrating 50 years of sending volunteers overseas. That’s 35,000 volunteers recruited from the UK who have worked alongside some of the poorest people — woo hoo! As the leading international development organisation working through volunteers, we want to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work.  Read entry
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26 October 2006, 16:35
Bermuda volunteers to go online 
The Centre on Philanthropy in Bermuda will launch an interactive online volunteer matching system and host a volunteer reception to honour local volunteers.  Read entry
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