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Community volunteers recognized in Queen's birthday honours 
Kitty Webber has worked as a volunteer ambulance driver for 40 years, ferrying passengers to and from hospital for radiotherapy, chemotherapy or whatever medical help they require. Now 72 years old, she is available every day if needed and often works 10 hour days.  Visit site
Virtual volunteers, real results 
A new army of "virtual volunteers" is helping charities reach out to young people to offer advice or persuade others to give their time in a more practical way, writes Sara Gaines. Volunteers give their services online in what one charity says is an exciting way forward for organisations that can struggle to find enough people with time to commit.  Visit site
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UK jobseekers on benefits 'should be able to volunteer' 
In the UK, volunteering should be recognised as a legitimate job-seeking activity for young adults on Jobseeker’s Allowance, according to a cross-party inquiry focusing on volunteers between the ages of 18 and 24. The Morgan Inquiry recommended setting up an accredited volunteering scheme that matched unemployed young adults with skill-enhancing volunteering.  Visit site
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Volunteering on a shoestring (not another toolkit) 
A short, easy to use, step-by-step toolkit for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) organisations wanting to involve volunteers.  Visit site
A part of society: Refugees and asylum seekers volunteering in the UK 
The latest report from the Volunteering and Asylum Project is based on case studies of ten organisations across the UK that are all outside the refugee sector, and that are all successfully involving refugees and asylum seekers as volunteers. The report is for policy makers, volunteer managers and others wanting to encourage and develop diversity in volunteering.  Visit site
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Women refugees - from volunteers to employees 
This reseach, conducted by Working Lives Research Institute and the London Metropolitan University, supports the view that volunteering can assist refugee women

in finding employment, as well as providing important benefits to women who

are not able to undertake paid employment. It also highlights the breadth and depth

of voluntary activities in which refugee women are involved, and the research

report documents the experiences of refugee women as volunteers in a wide

range of organisations and activities.

  Visit site
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Winant and Clayton Volunteers, Inc. 
The WCV is a non-profit organization registered in the state of NY. Winant Volunteers are American citizens of all ages (over 18), who since 1948 have traveled to the UK as a group, exporting their enthusiasm and energy to English grass roots community service programs.  Visit site
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Volunteer Adventures  
The mission of Volunteer Adventures is to create and promote volunteer opportunities that improve the lives of others and the environment in which we live. We seek to achieve this goal by connecting worthy local projects with volunteers around the world. Many local organizations are doing great work in their communities, but don't have the resources required to recruit international volunteers. Volunteer Adventures serves as the link between these organizations and the volunteers needed to make these projects a success.   Visit site
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ProWorld Service Corps  
The mission of ProWorld is to promote social and economic development, empower communities, and cultivate educated compassionate global citizens. ProWorld offers 2-26 week internship, volunteer, and study abroad programs in Latin America. All programs are based on hands-on community-driven development projects. Make a difference, and join ProWorld.  Visit site
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Tembeza Kenya 
Here at Tembeza Kenya, we are proud to offer the people of the world a chance to help ensure all the assets of this magnificent country are protected, from its environment to its animals to its people. Through our volunteer placement service, we offer a variety of truly unique opportunities to anyone yearning for a chance to travel with a purpose. No matter what project you choose to join, whether it's conserving endangered species in a national park, teaching art, music and drama at an elementary school, or promoting HIV/AIDS awareness in rural towns, you can be assured of having a positive and lasting impact, as well as a fulfilling and utterly unforgettable experience.  Visit site
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