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UNA Exchange 
UNA Exchange, based in UK, works to encourage voluntary service as a means to achieve peace, equality and democracy. Provides opportunities for people from all backgrounds to volunteer, through short- and medium-term projects in more than 70 countries.   Visit site
Volunteering & the Media: A Review of Literature 
This literature review aims to identify research and information which address issues related to the image of volunteering and volunteers by the public and the media. It is argued that the images of, and stereotypes about, volunteering can have important influences on the recruitment, retention and diversity of volunteers within organizations and, as a consequence, deserves considered attention. It was commissioned by UK's Voluntary Action Media Unit and undertaken by the Institute for Volunteering Research.   Visit site
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Generation V: Young people speak out on volunteering 
The report of research for the Russell Commission on the attitudes of young people in England towards volunteering and the extent of their involvement in voluntary activities.
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Volunteer Development Scotland 
Volunteer Development Scotland, the Centre for Excellence, works strategically and in partnership to help create an enabling environment for volunteering. VDS does this by undertaking research, analysing and responding to policy, engaging in consultation, influencing key decision makers, disseminating good practice in volunteer management, and stimulating dialogue around volunteer development in Scotland.  Visit site
Volunteering : An Opportunity for Youngsters in Europe 
This 2001 publication of an European network evaluates youth volunteering in different European countries on the basis of national studies done and to propose concrete actions to promote it on both European and national level.  Visit site
Vitalise is a UK charity providing essential breaks for disabled people and carers. It runs one of the largest and most diverse volunteer programmes in the UK. Volunteers include retired schoolteachers, students, elderly widowers and teenagers.  Visit site
Year of the Volunteer 2005 
Set up on the occasion of UK’s Year of the Volunteer 2005, the website allows to search for volunteering opportunities and to find local volunteer centers in most parts of UK.  Visit site
A leading development charity with almost 2,000 skilled professionals currently working in over 40 countries. Volunteers can be aged between 20 and 75 years and must have a formal qualification and some work experience. Regular postings are for two years and volunteers are provided with accommodation and a local level allowance as well as airfares and insurance. Range of jobs is vast and includes small business advisors, teachers, social workers, health professionals, management consultants, marine biologists, accountants and farmers.  Visit site
Working  through local churches and Christian agencies in Britain and Ireland, Tearfund offers volunteer opportunities in more than 70 countries. Spend from two weeks to four months in projects such as AIDS education in schools, holiday clubs, or care of disabled children and adults. Volunteers are expected to fundraise costs for participating in the programme.  Visit site
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