UK volunteers roost on Parliament's roof urging to meet climate change challenges
13 October 2009

London, UK: Fifty-five Greenpeace volunteers Sunday scaled the walls of the UK's Houses of Parliament and occupied the roof to call for a new style of politics in Britain, one capable of rising to meet the challenge of climate change.

Yesterday, Members of Parliament returned from their summer break and the government's Committee on Climate Change published a progress report on UK carbon emissions.

The committee makes it clear that Britain is not doing enough to meet its commitments, and says that a "step change" in emissions cuts is needed.

The activists say with just 60 days go until the critical climate summit in Copenhagen - which faces a chance of failure - Britain has yet to show true commitment to making the process a success.

The climbers unfurled a banner on the roof of the Palace of Westminster's Great Hall which says: "Change The Politics, Save The Climate."

One of the Greenpeacers, Anna Jones, said, "We've climbed onto the roof of the Houses of Parliament because too many of the politicians and parties who work in this building are failing us all on climate change. The clock's ticking down to the big climate summit in Copenhagen, but politicians are still treating the most important issue of our time as a political plaything."

"We need a green economy that will create jobs and bring prosperity while helping us beat climate change," said Jones. "We need politicians to be fighting for the next generation, not just the next election."

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