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Building Bridges Coalition 
The Building Bridges Coalition is a consortium of leading international volunteering organizations, colleges and universities, corporations and government agencies working collaboratively to double the number of volunteers serving abroad by 2010, while improving programme quality and maximizing positive impacts in the communities where volunteers serve.  Visit site
More about: Advocacy  Policy  Research
AARP commemorates IVD 
AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired People) believes that we cannot overstate the value of the United Nations support and promotion of volunteering among government agencies, non-profit organizations, community groups, and the private sector. Today, societies worldwide are successfully engaging volunteers in a spirit of solidarity for the effort to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals by 2015.  Visit site
Universal Free School for Children (VA, USA) 
UFSFC is a non profit organization to promote education as a fundamental human right through construction and establishment of free primary and secondary schools for children.  Visit site
More about: Children  Education  MDG 2
Hands Along the Nile (Egypt - USA) 
HANDS is an American 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that is committed to building bridges between the people of Egypt and the US. In addition to its programmes of exchange and dialogue, HANDS also supports projects aimed at bringing socioeconomic stability to Egyptian communities.  Visit site
More about: Egypt  Health
Even as grants fall, firms offer services 
Companies large and small have been making cutbacks due to poor earnings, but that's not putting an end to the charitable work that nonprofit organizations have come to expect from them.  Visit site
Center for Economic Progress 
The Center for Economic Progress encourages self-sufficiency and promotes economic prosperity among working families in Illinois and across the US. Volunteers can join their 1,000-member volunteer corps to help low-income families go from falling behind to getting ahead.  Visit site
More about: Civil society
Artists striving to end poverty 
Artists Striving To End Poverty (ASTEP) uses the arts as a tool to empower young people with creativity, knowledge, and a strong sense of self-esteem, factors which help them advance their lives and communities. ASTEP provides artists with opportunities to connect with global youths, allowing them to use their gifts to create meaningful and effective change for young people in need.  Visit site
More about: Children  Poverty
Volunteer honoured for help to African women and children 
Winning awards was the furthest thing from Shirley Snowden's mind when she began organizing aid to women and children in Ghana eight years ago. The work was just an extension of a life given to serving her community. Others noticed her efforts however, and on Monday she will receive a leadership award at the United Nations.  Visit site
More about: Ghana  Activism  Children  Gender
A magical, tragic place 
Forty years ago they were a group of young women traveling into the mountains of Afghanistan. They were volunteers bringing small pox vaccine, and their job was to vaccinate everyone — infants, old people, women, men. From their sheltered lives in the United States, they thrust themselves into one of the poorest places on earth. Decades later the United Nations declared small pox had been eradicated around the world.  Visit site
Service Nation launches in US 
NSP Cambridge Holiday Dinner. (
The ServiceNation Movement launched with a national Day of Action on 27 September 2008. Citizen organizers rallied their communities at hundreds of events across America, calling on their friends, families, and neighbours to advocate for a new culture of volunteerism in the US.  Visit site
More about: Advocacy

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