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Volunteer bridges cultures 
Ben Hiza always knew he was interested in volunteering. While others pick a local group, Hiza decided to apply to the Peace Corps and was accepted in January for assignment in Mexico, where he will serve for two years. "For me, it's the sense that you're actually helping someone, as well as a cause. I'm improving someone's life and a country's development," Hiza said.  Visit site
A Global Health Corps: A win-win proposition? 
Center for Global Development senior fellow Mead Over thinks there's more that Americans can do overseas. Modelled on the Peace Corps, the Global Health Corps would provide young American doctors and nurses to help strengthen weak health systems.  Visit site
More about: HIV/AIDS  Health  Infrastructure  MDG 6
Obama and McCain agree on volunteerism 
John McCain and Barack Obama found common ground on the virtues of volunteering at a forum on national service that ended a day largely free of the partisan broadsides that will define the presidential campaign.  Visit site
More about: Advocacy  Policy
Volunteers gear up for Hurricane Gustav relief 
Satellite photo of Hurricane Gustav as at 1 September 2008. (NOAA)
As the US Gulf Coast braces itself for the onslaught of Hurricane Gustav, this time thousands of volunteers are swinging into action to offer their support to evacuees. The American Red Cross is playing a major part, having prepositioned supplies into the region to shelter 500,000 people for six days. Some 3,000 disaster response volunteers and staff are already in place.  Visit site
More about: Emergency relief
Peace Corps' oldest volunteer now teaching in Ghana 
The oldest currently serving Peace Corps Volunteer in the world is putting his life skills and experience to good use by working as a secondary education Peace Corps Volunteer, teaching biology, chemistry and physics to students in a Ghanaian community.  Visit site
More about: Senior volunteers
Expanding the Peace Corps 
Both Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama have made voluntary national service an important component of their campaigns. Consequently, this is a promising time to consider expanding and reinvigorating the Peace Corps, an iconic American institution emblematic of both soft power and national service.  Visit site
More about: Policy
“Street Soccer USA” helps get homeless off the street 
Lawrence Cann, a former soccer player, founded the non-profit group "Street Soccer USA" as a different type of homeless outreach. Volunteers at homeless shelters, drug treatment programs and community centers work with and train the players throughout the year.  Visit site
More about: Homeless
'Citizening' and volunteering 
I believe that 'volunteer' and 'volunteering' are words that have many meanings. The common denominator among all meanings is 'work without pay'. But to me, volunteering also suggests a selfless quality; when you are volunteering, you are working without pay and without personal benefit or gain except the good feeling that comes with doing good.  Visit site
More about: Activism 
Volunteering ideas and contacts site oriented towards teenagers in the US.  Visit site
More about: Young volunteers
Student's Partnership Worldwide 
SPW is an international non-governmental organization that recruits and trains young adults (aged 18-28) as volunteer Peer Educators, to lead programs that address urgent health and environmental issues in Africa and Asia.  Visit site

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