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Foundation for Sustainable Development  
FSD supports the efforts of grassroots development organizations in the developing world that are working to better their communities, environments, and the economic opportunities around them. We believe community development is only sustainable if it empowers the people to effectively use and cultivate their own resources in a conscious manner. Through our programs, we aim to raise international awareness of the economic challenges in developing countries and to support cross-cultural communities in finding more effective solutions to development issues.   Visit site
Global Volunteers 
This year-round programme centres around 1-3 week volunteer experiences in rural communities in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Eastern Europe, and the South Pacific. Also offers opportunities within USA. Volunteers have to pay a service programme fee.  Visit site
Peace Corps 
Since 1961, more than 178,000 Peace Corps Volunteers have been invited to 138 host countries to work on various issues including AIDS education, information technology, and environmental preservation. Works in countries from Asia to Central America, and from Europe to Africa. Candidates must be over age 18 and be US citizens.  Visit site
Points of Light Foundation 
The Points of Light Foundation engages and mobilizes millions of volunteers in the USA through a partnership with the Volunteer Center National Network. Some programmes of the network include national websites providing volunteers with a direct connection to local volunteer opportunities. There are also resources for parents, teachers, and community leaders who want to engage families in volunteer activities.  Visit site
Jesuit Volunteers Corps 
Jesuit Volunteers Corps offers volunteers a year or more of working opportunity with the poor in five regions in the USA and several countries in Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.   Visit site
USA Freedom Corps 
Created by US President George W. Bush in 2002, USA Freedom Corps provides a search-friendly database that includes volunteer opportunities from organizations across USA. Also includes international and online volunteering opportunities.  Visit site
Do Something 
Do Something inspires, supports, and celebrates young people changing the world. The programme consists of monthly challenges in community building, health, and environment; Do Something BRICK Awards and Do Something Grants; and The Magazine, the only public service magazine distributed nationally in the USA.   Visit site
Largest database of volunteer opportunities in the USA. Over 6,000 registered non-profit organizations, 40,000+ service projects and 52,000,000 volunteer opportunities are available.   Visit site

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