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'Building bridges' on IVD
05 December 2008

United States: To mark International Volunteer Day, the Building Bridges Coalition calls for anyone having participated in an international volunteer programme to help raise awareness by writing about their experience. For more information, please see the PDF below.

The Building Bridges Coalition, a project of the Brookings Institution's Initiative on International Volunteering and Service, is a consortium of leading international volunteer organizations, universities and colleges, corporations, and government agencies working collaboratively to increase the number of international volunteers serving abroad from 50,000 to 100,000 by 2010.

The Building Bridges Coalition is one of three key components of the Brookings Institution's Initiative on International Volunteering and Service. The Public Policy Group, co-chaired by Senator Harris Wofford and John Bridgeland, focuses on policy development and education, and advances recommendations that include doubling the Peace Corps and creating a Global Fellowship to sponsor individual volunteers.

The Research and Impacts Group, led by the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis and Brookings Fellow David Caprara, focuses on assessing the status and impacts of international volunteering and service and promoting effective practices.

For more information, please visit the Building Bridges Coalition website.