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Maryland, USA: Never heard of IVD
05 December 2007, 15:32
by Sylvia Turner

I had never of International Volunteer Day until just now when I saw it on someone's blog. I've been volunteering for many years, starting out with one of my daughter's classes when she was in elementary school.  I volunteered helping students with their reading and proofreading their class work.  I was also a parent chaperone throughout my daughter's schooling, accompanying her various classes on school trips, the farthest trip being to New York when she was part of the Prince George's County Honors Chorus.
The community I live in underwent a major renovation approximately eleven years ago, and I started out volunteering as part of The Tenant Association.  Within a few months, The Tenant Association had been revamped into The Resident Captains Association, where I served as Secretary and President.  As residents who were part of the Association began to move away, The Resident Captains Association disbanded; however, I continued to volunteer in other capacities.
For the past eleven years, I've volunteered here in my neighborhood under The Resident Services Program assisting with our Summer Camp, the After-Care Program, The Seniors Program, and The Teen Program.  I will be broadening my volunteering to other places next year.