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Senior citizens discover Israel as volunteers
07 June 2004

New York: Senior citizens from North America are starting to discover Israel as volunteers under the Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) volunteer programme.

Through JNF’s Canadian American Active Retirees In Israel (CAARI), a volunteer, work and tour programme is designed for active retirees, ages 60 to 90. The programme offers various opportunities for senior people -- from the duration and type of activities to a wide selection of tourist sites..

Volunteers' assignment for this year’s participants included teaching English to elementary school children, working with patients in a rehabilitation centre and assisting non-profit organizations help needy people.

All is not work though. The volunteers also hiked through Nature Reserves, worked in JNF Forests and travelled through Israel from the snow-capped mountains of Mt. Hermon to the warm mineral waters of the Dead Sea. They visited cities and towns in the Galilee, Golan, coastal plain and of course, Jerusalem.

"The CAARI programme was a treasure chest filled with historical, cultural, exciting and varied activities. We danced on the tayelet, sang Yiddish songs with our CAARI family, planted trees and met people from all walks of life as we traveled throughout the country. We can’t wait to return for another winter," said Frank and Sylvia Kerman on their first volunteering trip to Israel.

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From: Isreal National News