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Cycling Trans-Vietnam to promote MDG through International Volunteer Day
26 November 2003

Vietnam: Starting on International Volunteer Day (IVD), Nguyen Van Dung, a 24 year old Vietnamese law student will cycle across Vietnam while promoting the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) campaign among the youth.

The UN has welcomed Dung’s voluntary initiative to promote Vietnam’s commitments to achieving the MDG, particularly among the youth. “Young people make up the majority of the population and are the key to Viet Nam’s prosperous future”, said Jordan Ryan, UN Resident Coordinator in Vietnam. Adding, "Dung’s goodwill and determination will encourage his coevals to become more involved in the nation’s development."

Dung will hit the road on 5 December. He said, "It’s the International Volunteer Day; I volunteer to do this trip to distribute the booklets to young people whom I will visit so they can understand the issues that our country faces in the development process."

This year’s IVD coincides with the official opening of South East Asian (SEA) Games in Vietnam. As it is Vietnam’s first time to host the SEA Games, the biggest sports event in the region, tens of thousands of young people have volunteered to make the event a success. Dung said, "I want to feel the volunteering spirit of my generation and my country’s effort to host the SEA Games with solidarity and friendship, for peace and development."

Dung will stop at Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Da Lat, and Vung Tau to distribute the booklet, "Thang’s Journey - to the Millennium Development Goals and Beyond", to local youth unions and young people; it was published by the United Nations in Vietnam.

Born in Bac Giang, Vietnam, Dung bikes some 80 kilometers from Ha Noi to Bac Giang just to visit his family. A law student, Dung hopes to fulfill his dreams of visiting different parts of his homeland. He said, " I’d like to see things that I only know through books, newspapers and television".