Volunteers mobilized as cholera cases rise in Zambia
22 November 2006

Chiengi District, Zambia: Zambia has mobilized volunteers to help the Luapula provincial health

administration curb cholera cases that have risen to 105 and left 5

dead in Chiengi District of the province, Times of Zambia reported on


It quoted spokesman of the health ministry Canisius Banda as saying

that the ministry also engaged village headmen and the community to

ensure that local people comply with the required hygiene standards.

"We have intensified sensitization programs by encouraging communities

to dig pit latrines and rubbish pits in the area," he said.

Health personnel from neighboring Nchelenge District have been brought on board to help fight the disease.

Cholera broke out because of poor sanitation in the district where

people were forced to get untreated water direct from Lake Mweru.

Distribution of chlorine has been going in the affected areas to mitigate the problem.

Rain season has begun in the southern African country and too much water and insanitation often trigger outbreak of cholera.

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