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01 February 2010
Combating climate change at the Friendship Forest by Jochen Mattern, UNV Programme Officer, Harare
Harare, Zimbabwe: Partners from Harare City Council to Air Zimbabwe joined forces across the country to plant trees and talk about ways to mitigate climate change.  Read article
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03 December 2007
Volunteerism help reduce poverty says UN rep 
Harare, Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe has great potential to reduce poverty among communities through promoting and supporting volunteer activities as many of its people are willing to donate their valuable time and resources to assist others, a United Nations representative said.  Read article
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20 June 2007
Five-country cross-national study on civic service and volunteering in SADC  
VOSESA has conducted a cross-national study on civic service and volunteering in five southern African countries: Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The study focused on the form and extent of civic service programmes in these countries.  Read article
19 June 2007
Research Partnerships Build the Service Field in Africa 
This research demonstrates how different actors in the South African region are co-operating to address the human development challenges in the five countries - Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The service initiatives reported on contribute to developing knowledge and good practice, and demonstrate the role that service and volunteering can play in promoting the achievement of national social development goals and priorities.   Read article
21 May 2006
Former street kid transcends barriers  
Harare, Zimbabwe: Makope used to live on the streets of Harare. Now,  with help from nongovernmental organizations, he is filiming and writing about the lives of street children.   Read article
From: Sunday Mirror Online, Zimbabwe
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