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13 October 2008
Stand up and take action against poverty and inequality 
Bonn, Germany: On Friday 17 October, from 11.30 a.m. to 12 p.m., join the Stand Up event organized by the UN organizations in Bonn, Deutsche Welle and Deutsche Post. Meet many others on the lawn behind Langer Eugen and Deutsche Welle to appear on the bird's eye group photo that will be taken in the form of "2015".  View event
06 February 2006
A Crazy idea  by World Volunteer Web User
The town of Tivoli and A Crazy idea non-profit film company are Teaming up for a send off party at 1 Tivoli commons (the Village & hall) for an event of hope and helping those in need hurt by Hurricane Katrina and Rita.  View event
13 September 2005
IVD 2005 Arts and Music Festival  by World Volunteer Web User
The UYFI/IVD2005 Festival, offers an excellent opportunity for many young musicians who are looking to make a difference on a local, state, national and global scales; to showcase their talents to potential sponsors and establish themselves.   View event
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13 September 2005
10th IAVE Asia-Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference  by World Volunteer Web User
Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) will host the 10th IAVE Asia-Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference in Hong Kong from 7-9 November 2005. The Conference themed “Volunteerism – A Driving Force for Community Building” offers a platform for policy makers, volunteers,  to share experiences, build capacities and learn from volunteer leaders worldwide.   View event
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13 September 2005
2005 European Volunteering Assembly  by World Volunteer Web User
The European Volunteering Assembly is the first ever meeting of its kind organised by Volunteering England. A high point in the Year of the Volunteer 2005, and marking the UK Presidency of the EU, the event will provide a showcase for volunteering in the UK.  View event
13 September 2005
Making the most of Employee Volunteering  by World Volunteer Web User
This unique conference is set to be one of the highlights of the Year of the Volunteer and will provide one of this year's premier forums on employee community involvement.  View event
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