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Google's 10 to the 100 - vote for volunteerism 
To celebrate its 10th birthday, internet giant Google has launched the US$ 10 million Project 10 to the 100, "a call for ideas that could help as many people as possible, and a programme to bring the best of those ideas to life."

Voting begins in January 2009, but for now check out one of the entries, an idea for a free website "in which volunteer organizations, volunteer project coordinators, and would-be volunteers can gather to find, connect and help each other."

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Volunteer honoured for help to African women and children 
Winning awards was the furthest thing from Shirley Snowden's mind when she began organizing aid to women and children in Ghana eight years ago. The work was just an extension of a life given to serving her community. Others noticed her efforts however, and on Monday she will receive a leadership award at the United Nations.  Visit site
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Volunteering, a powerful force for change informs about opportunities for young people to volunteer within government agencies, public corporations or associations at the national, European and international level. Young volunteers, aged from 18 to 28 years old, speak out and tell their own volunteer experience on web site in French.    Visit site
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'Citizening' and volunteering 
I believe that 'volunteer' and 'volunteering' are words that have many meanings. The common denominator among all meanings is 'work without pay'. But to me, volunteering also suggests a selfless quality; when you are volunteering, you are working without pay and without personal benefit or gain except the good feeling that comes with doing good.  Visit site
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Community volunteers recognized in Queen's birthday honours 
Kitty Webber has worked as a volunteer ambulance driver for 40 years, ferrying passengers to and from hospital for radiotherapy, chemotherapy or whatever medical help they require. Now 72 years old, she is available every day if needed and often works 10 hour days.  Visit site
United Way 
United Way of America is the national organization dedicated to leading the United Way movement. Local United Ways create long-lasting community change by addressing the underlying causes of the most significant local issues. Common focus areas include helping children and youth achieve their potential, promoting financial stability and independence, and improving people's health. Its goal is to create long-lasting changes by addressing the underlying causes of problems.  Visit site
China helps itself 
A fast-growing middle class with money to spare on travel and, as it now seems, on charity. Thousands of volunteers headed to the disaster zone, from businessmen to Christian youth.   Visit site
See the difference you can make: Join Earth Hour! 
It started with a question: How can we inspire people to take action on climate change?

The answer: Ask the people of Sydney to turn off their lights for one hour.

On 31 March 2007, 2.2 million people and 2100 Sydney businesses turned off their lights for one hour - Earth Hour. If the greenhouse reduction achieved in the Sydney CBD during Earth Hour was sustained for a year, it would be equivalent to taking 48,616 cars off the road for a year.

With Sydney icons like the Harbour Bridge and Opera House turning their lights off, and unique events such as weddings by candlelight, the world took notice. Inspired by the collective effort of millions of Sydneysiders, many major global cities are joining Earth Hour at 8pm on March 29 2008, turning a symbolic event into a global movement.   Visit site
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