17 February 2006 
A Crazy idea
Tivoli, N.Y, USA
The town of Tivoli and A Crazy idea non-profit film company are Teaming up for a send off party at 1 Tivoli commons (the Village & hall) for an event of hope and helping those in need hurt by Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

The day is going to be apart of a documentary that A Crazy Idea is filming we will be collecting donations and having fun while doing it. Plus you will get to be in the documentary!

There will be:

  • Live bands
  • Food
  • Hot chocolate 

You get to be in a documentary!

And raising money for a good cause! 

Organizer: A Crazy idea
Village center 1, Tivoli Commons

This page can found at: http://www.worldvolunteerweb.org/browse/sectors/activism/doc/a-crazy-idea.html