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Culture of volunteerism in Armenia
22 July 2010

Yerevan, Armenia: 'Culture of Volunteerisms in Armenia', a new publication which will serve civil society activists, authorities, students and volunteers, explores three focus areas - the regulatory environment, motivations behind volunteerism, and volunteer management practices - to explain the under-utilization of volunteers and to suggest opportunities for the promotion of volunteerism in the country.

The booklet is the result of the joint efforts of the researcher, Ms. Mane Tadevosyan, and Ms. Lusine Hakobyan, National Coordinator for the CIVICUS Civil Society Index in Armenia, a project within Counterpart International. The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Armenia, with the support of a national consultant, helped to define the methodology and to gather the data for the study.

“The study is of great importance to explore patterns of civic participation in Armenia and to identify opportunities that can be created by policy and decision makers as well as Civil Society Organizations to promote volunteer contributions’’ said Mr. Dirk Boberg, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in the country.

The book has been published in Armenian and English to have a broader dissemination among the Armenian population. The booklet is the first of its kind in Armenia, and will help increase acknowledgement of volunteers’ activities and their commitment.