Resolutions Leading to IYV+10
29 May 2010

Resolution A/Res/52/17 adopted by the General Assembly in 1997.
To consolidate successes attained and build on the momentum created by the International Year of Volunteers, the General Assembly called for the marking of IYV+10 in 2011.

A/RES/55/57 of 4 December 2000, International Year of Volunteers:
This UN General Assembly resolution, co-sponsored by 60 Member States and adopted on calls upon states to promote an environment conducive to the discussion of the characteristics and trends of volunteer action in their own societies; calls for two plenary meetings of the 56th session of the GA to discuss volunteering on 5 December 2001 coinciding with the closing of IYV; and requests the Secretary-General to report on the outcome of IYV and its follow-up at the 57th session of the General Assembly.

A/res/56/38   of 5 December 2001 on ways governments and the UN system could support volunteering. The resolution contains recommendations in an annex, which recognizes the continuing role of UNV as the volunteer body of the UN system, placing volunteers in development and humanitarian programmes and promoting online volunteering. It also recommends that UNV builds on its acquired experience in enhancing the recognition, facilitation, networking and promotion of volunteering.

A/res57/106 of 22 November 2002, Co-sponsored by 142 Member States, welcomes the work of UNV as focal point for IYV and requests it to continue efforts to raise awareness of volunteerism, increase reference and networking resources available and provide technical cooperation to developing countries in the field of volunteerism.  It also calls on UNV to develop a global Internet volunteer resource and requests the SG to take measures, particularly within the mandates and existing resources of UNV and DPI, to ensure that the potential of IVD is fully realized.

A/60/128: UN Secretary-General’s report on IYV follow-up implementation.

A/C.3/60/L.7 6 October 2005, adopted by the 3rd Committee, on follow-up to the implementation of IYV acknowledges the existing contribution of UNV to supporting volunteering around the world.

A/RES/60/134: Follow-up to the implementation of the International Year of Volunteers (2005) 
This UN General Assembly resolution, co-sponsored by 84 Member States and adopted on 16 December 2005, invites all stakeholders, especially from the private sector community and from private foundations, to support volunteerism as a strategic tool to enhance economic and social development, including by expanding corporate volunteering.

Resolution A/Res/63/153 adopted by the General Assembly in 2009.
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of IYV  governments, volunteer involving organizations (VIOs), the UN system, civil society organizations, business, academic institutions and other partners will join together  to celebrate and build upon the growth and diversification of volunteerism the International Year helped to stimulate.  

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