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Supporting Kids in Peru (SKIP) 
SKIP is a UK non-profit organization helping disadvantaged children to realise their right to an education. It is currently working on the north coast of Peru, in the impoverished districts that surround the city of Trujillo. Its primary work area, El Porvenir, has a great deal of social problems that need urgent support. The team is comprised of volunteers from overseas, as well as from the community of El Porvenir and local universities in Trujillo. SKIP is always looking for enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers who can contribute something positive to the project and help achieve more.   Visit site
Docsek Orphanage 
Located in Mazabuka, in the Southern Province of Zambia, Docsek Home provides care and fosters orphaned and needy children to provide for their physical and mental needs, and help improve their living standards throughout the rural and urban communities. Volunteers are needed to help and accompany in programs, tours and trips with the children, as well as with laundry, cleaning, and cooking.  Visit site
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Lotus Children's Home 
The Lotus Children’s Home in Kathmandu, Nepal, cares for children through the support of both local and international volunteers, and ensures that the children receive a proper education. For international volunteers, language and culture classes are provided during the beginning of their stay. Both short and long-term volunteers are welcome, and the length of time to volunteer is up to each volunteer.  Visit site
Cambodia Orphan Fund 
Set up in Siem Reap, Cambodia to facilitate placements for volunteers in Cambodia. This not-for-profit organization assists existing volunteer projects recruit the right people for the many positions available to assist Cambodians in building a better community. Asks for 'donations' rather than fees.  Visit site
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Over 10,000 volunteers sign up to teach India campaign 
Perhaps 42 million Indian children of primary-school age do not attend school. The UNV-supported Times of India 'Teach India' campaign aims to redress the issue. (Times of India).
The idea of Teach India has struck an instant chord, with more than 10,000 people signing up to pledge at least two hours a week to teach a child in their neighbourhood, mostly for weekend sessions. This army of volunteers is a multi-lingual, multi-talented one drawn from diverse streams - doctors, lawyers, company executives, educationists, actors, businessmen, housewives, writers, artists, retired folk, government employees and, most hearteningly, college students.  Visit site
Orangewood Children's Foundation (Santa Ana, California) 
Orangewood Children's Foundation began 25 years ago with a vision to build a facility to shelter Orange County children who were the victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment.  Visit site
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Give Me a Chance Africa 
Christian school in Uganda, volunteering opportunities for education and training of orphans etc.  Visit site
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Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children 
FIMRC hosts short and long term volunteers to clinic sites in Haiti, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Uganda, Peru and El Salvador. Volunteers spend half their time in the clinic helping with medical tasks and the other half out in the community interacting with families and teaching health lessons to children.   Visit site
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Family Rescue Foundation 
A Christian organization in Masaka District and surrounding areas of Uganda. The orphanage currently accommodates 35 Children affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS and seeks volunteer teachers.  Visit site
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Tanzanian Children's Fund 
The Tanzanian Children's Fund provides financial support to programs designed to improve the lives of marginalized children in Tanzania. It currently is working in partnership with the Rift Valley Children's Fund, a non-governmental organization organized under the laws of Tanzania.  Visit site

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