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IRFF ONLUS Moldova (IRFF ONLUS was founded from the inspiration of IRFF Italy) is a public, non-profit agency working to eliminate poverty, malnutrition, and disease. Founded in June 2001, IRFF ONLUS Moldova has sought to accomplish this goal by creating and sponsoring development projects that stimulate an exchange of knowledge, skills, and service between developed and developing countries.  Visit site
Child Family Health International 
Child Family Health International (CFHI) builds and strengthens sustainable healthcare services for underserved communities worldwide. CFHI conducts international health, service-learning programs for medical, pre-medical and other health students. Each year, by sending students to work and study with our international partners, we provide health services for families and children around the world.   Visit site
Children for children 
Children for Children is a non-profit organization that helps match kids' interests with volunteer opportunities. The programme encourages parents to get kids as young as four years involved in volunteering activities.  Visit site
Polio eradication: Now more than ever, stop polio forever 
After a 15-year effort that has galvanized more than 200 countries, 20 million volunteers, and an international investment of US$3 billion, the success or failure of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the world’s largest public health campaign, is now within reach. Never before has the world been so close to success, with only six countries remaining polio-endemic.  Visit site
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An Italian registered  non-profit organization providing free support to health professionals, families, volunteers and institutions in developing countries caring for children with leukemia, cancer and other severe diseases in compliance with shared principles and vision. The services offered will be pertinent to local realities and social values. It is working on a project to support a Thalassemia bone marrow transplant network and family support program (volunteer based program) in Pakistan .  Visit site
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