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30 June 2011
Un impact sur tout le quartier by Isabelle Blanc
Port-au-Prince, Haiti: A l’aide de jeux éducatifs, les 120 jeunes de l’école « Auberge Fraternité » ont découvert pourquoi il est important de respecter l’environnement.  Read article
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17 June 2011
Segunda parte de 'ilustrando el voluntariado en Honduras' 
Tegucigalpa, Honduras: El sábado 4 de junio los voluntarios de la organización “Servicio para la paz”, miembro de la Red “Honduras Voluntaria”, desarrollaron una actividad en el Hospital Materno Infantil de Tegucigalpa, en donde visitaron a los niños y niñas internos en distintas salas y compartieron con ellos su tiempo, juguetes, golosinas, sonrisas y frases de apoyo.   Read article
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14 June 2011
Be a part of IYV+10 
Working on the IYV+10 children's book in Honduras. (SOLI)
Bonn, Germany and Tegucigalpa, Honduras: As part of the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10), the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme is compiling a childrens book on volunteerism with the support of partners around the globe.  Read article
13 June 2011
Ilustrando el voluntariado en Honduras 
Working on the IYV+10 children's book in Honduras. (SOLI)
Tegucigalpa, Honduras: El pasado sábado 30 de abril se realizó en la ciudad de Tegucigalpa, capital de la República de Honduras, la primera parte de la actividad “Ilustrando el Voluntariado”, la cual es promovida por el programa de Voluntarios de las Naciones Unidas junto a otras Organizaciones Vinculadas al Voluntariado, miembros de la Red “Honduras Voluntaria”.   Read article
19 May 2010
UNV volunteer shoots '8 Goals for Africa' 
Accompanied by a music video, ‘8 Goals for Africa’ is being disseminated free of charge locally and internationally, before, during and after the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The performing artists will also make special appearances during the soccer tournament, promoting the MDGs and calling for action. 
The music video will be screened throughout the World Cup, across all the fan parks and public viewing areas. On the day of the finals, all eight artists will come together to sing the song in a live performance at the Soccer City Fan Fest in Johannesburg. The video will also be distributed to the international media. (UNIC South Africa/'8 Goals for the MDGs')
Pretoria, South Africa: A UNV volunteer has brought together Africa's top musicians for a high-profile campaign connecting the Millennium Development Goals with the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.  Read article

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