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Civil society - Related events
25 March 2009
12th IAVE Asia Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference 
"Volunteerism as a Lifestyle for Social Solidarity" is the theme of this regional IAVE conference hosted by IAVE Taiwan and the Kaohsiung City Volunteer Association. The conference will be an opportunity for NPOs, governments, and the corporate sector to work together on issues such as volunteer participation in large-scale international events and conferences, corporate social responsibility, application of ICT use in volunteer programmes, diversity and community engagement.  View event
From: IAVE
22 October 2008
Good governance in civil society, Kathmandu 
Kathmandu, nepal: The objective of the workshop is to acquire  insights on capacity building strategies and see whether development orientation can be addressed by local self governance at the appropriate level. Governance of such a mode demands critical attention in addressing the emerging concerns of development management.  View event
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23 September 2008
Week of voluntary engagement in Germany 
Bonn, Germany: The German-wide "Week of voluntary engagement" is taking place between the 19th and the 28th of September 2008 under the auspices of the German Federal President. It is a nation-wide campaign themed "Engagement macht stark" (Engagement empowers), aimed at raising awareness about voluntary activities and volunteering through events and campaigns.

It is led by the BBE - "Bundesnetzwerk B├╝rgerschaftliches Engagement" (National Network for Civil Society) - a German nationwide network linking organizations and associations from the third sector and civil society, the private sector, and federal and community institutions. The BBE was founded by the National Council of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV 2001) on 5 June 2002, and has more than 210 organizations representing millions of members, including Federal and State Ministries, foundations, NGOs, research institutes, media and the private sector.

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13 August 2008
Partnerships for Social Inclusion 
Melbourne, Australia: Increasing social inclusion requires a joined-up approach that cuts across policy departments. Effective action means that the public sector should re-think the way it operates, moving from a traditional hierarchical model to one characterised by multi-sectoral partnerships and flexibility in policy delivery.

The development and nature of these partnerships and the implications for public policy will be the central theme of the Partnerships for Social Inclusion conference from 15-16 October 2008 in Melbourne.

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02 May 2006
CIVICUS World Assembly 2006 by World Volunteer Web User
The CIVICUS World Assembly is a forum for international civil society representatives to get together, exchange ideas, experiences and build strategies for a just world.  View event
17 October 2005
The University and Civil Society: Autonomy and Responsibility 
The first major international conference hosted by the University of Denver/University of Bologna International Center for Civic Engagement. This conference calls for global dialogue on the role of the university in serving the public good.  View event
From: Civicus
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17 October 2005
International Workshop on Good Governance in Civil Society 
Local self-governance has been interpreted in many different ways so as to encompass many different aspects of social organisation and the institutional framework within which social and economic activities are performed. This workshop examines the critical framework of management practices that must address the growing concern for effective self-governance in civil society.  View event
From: Eldis, UK
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Launch of the UNDAF in December 2006 
Egyptian MDG 8 logo
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