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United Nations lauds volunteers across world 
Communities should harness the energy and initiative of the thousands of volunteers who contribute to projects around the world, including critical United Nations activities, senior UN officials said here Friday as they marked the day dedicated to those who give their time and efforts for free to help others.  Visit site
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AARP commemorates IVD 
AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired People) believes that we cannot overstate the value of the United Nations support and promotion of volunteering among government agencies, non-profit organizations, community groups, and the private sector. Today, societies worldwide are successfully engaging volunteers in a spirit of solidarity for the effort to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals by 2015.  Visit site
Volunteerism for human development and peace-building 
Globally, volunteerism contributes to many areas of human development and peace-building. Volunteerism can be the ideal link between global and local: volunteers may have experience of doing things in different ways, with different approaches, and commit themselves to transferring this information in a way that is beneficial to the people whom they serve.  Visit site
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Center for Economic Progress 
The Center for Economic Progress encourages self-sufficiency and promotes economic prosperity among working families in Illinois and across the US. Volunteers can join their 1,000-member volunteer corps to help low-income families go from falling behind to getting ahead.  Visit site
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EC calls for civic service and volunteering project proposals 
The European Commission has announced a call for proposals through the Amicus programme, which will support transnational civic service and volunteering projects comprising research and awareness raising activities and the placement of young people within the EU. The deadline is 31 October 2008.   Visit site
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Image problem turns recruits away 
Despite heavy investment from the government and the sector, charities are still struggling to recruit volunteers. An independent inquiry into young adult volunteering in the UK, published in June, advised that greater recognition of volunteering as a legitimate job-seeking activity is needed, along with better support from the business community.   Visit site
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Scots the top volunteers in Europe? 
According to the Scottish Government, "The rate of volunteering has been higher in Scotland than the rest of the UK and other European Countries. Despite this, demand for volunteers exceeds supply." See their 2007 Household Survey for more.  Visit site
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Over 10,000 volunteers sign up to teach India campaign 
Perhaps 42 million Indian children of primary-school age do not attend school. The UNV-supported Times of India 'Teach India' campaign aims to redress the issue. (Times of India).
The idea of Teach India has struck an instant chord, with more than 10,000 people signing up to pledge at least two hours a week to teach a child in their neighbourhood, mostly for weekend sessions. This army of volunteers is a multi-lingual, multi-talented one drawn from diverse streams - doctors, lawyers, company executives, educationists, actors, businessmen, housewives, writers, artists, retired folk, government employees and, most hearteningly, college students.  Visit site
Volunteerism in Islam 
Dr Ahmad Hussein Sakr. In Islam there is a strong ethic of volunteerism. This does not simply extend to running study circles or fundraising for the masjid. As Muslims, we see our role as world citizens. The idea of working for a better society or community shouldn't be limited to the Muslim community but should extend to the broader non-Muslim community as well. Because we live in that community too, whatever weaknesses are present affect us also.  Visit site
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It’s time to start volunteering 
Not too long ago, most people lived in large combined families or tribes, and members of the family or clan helped each other in every possible way. Now, as we move towards the nuclear family model, which consists only of parents and their children, and have become more individualistic, have we lost the habit of giving?  Visit site

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