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Volunteer Aid Nepal (VAID NEPAL) 
Volunteer Aid Nepal (VAID NEPAL) os a non-government, non-profit development organization, focusing its activities on the progress of disadvantaged, marginaliyed and poorly educated people in Nepal. By organizing local resources, VAID NEPAL functions as facilitator for sustainable development.  Visit site
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Push International 
Push International is a non-profit humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide mobility and facilitate sustainable development in the disabled community inside the countries where the organization works. Push International desires to give wheelchairs to people with disabilities who are the poorest of the poor. Furthermore, it hosts wheelchair maneuvering skills clinics, teaches personal care skills, education, job skills and sports.  Visit site
West Africa volunteers scheme launched  
Some 1,000 youths from across West Africa have marched through the streets of the Liberian capital, Monrovia, to launch a new regional volunteer scheme.

The scheme would see youths spend time helping out in areas such as agriculture, health or education in a different country to their own.

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The Sahabhagi solution 
We need a new volunteerism... The old volunteerism was based upon charity. The new volunteerism is based on building a community whose values are shared equally.  Visit site
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Public service on the cusp of becoming a national movement 
Many non-profit organisations are seeing an increase in people looking to help. Non-profit organisations now have 9.4m employees and 4.7m full-time volunteers nationwide. Corporate America, too, is joining in. Moreover, the Edward Kennedy Serve America Act, passed on March 31st, will devote $5.7 billion over five years to expanding or creating national-service programmes.  Visit site
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Civic groups eyed for volunteer services 
The Government plans to create a National Volunteer Service Corps that will provide assistance to poor Filipinos struggling from the impact of the global financial crisis. Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said President Arroyo has started to meet with various civic organizations, professional groups, and business chambers to solicit their volunteer work for the country.  Visit site
Even Pro Bono Work Requires Doing Your Homework First 
One piece of advice given to the newly laid off is to seek volunteer work, but finding the right volunteer job can sometimes seem as difficult as obtaining a salaried position. The good news is that once you decide what you may be interested in, the Web has numerous resources.  Visit site
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IVD roundtable in Albania 
In commemoration of International Volunteer Day, UNV and its partners organized a roundtable session on 'Volunteerism for Development and Integration' at the Tirana International Hotel.  Visit site
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Not enough volunteers in Barbados, says Inniss  
A call has gone out for Barbadians to embrace the spirit of volunteerism. It has come from Minister of Health Donville Inniss who observed that volunteers were becoming a "rarity".   Visit site
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Filling the need to help others 
Li Shuo will never forget what she did this summer. "I was part of the Olympics," the 20-year-old student from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine said.

Li was not an athlete taking part in the Games, but did what many would also think was equally meaningful - serving as a volunteer for her Olympic host city.

"I feel so lucky and proud to have been a part of such a historic event and it will probably be the most valuable chapter of my life," Li told China Daily Thursday, the eve of International Volunteer Day.

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