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Although nearly four billion people are now literate in the world, literacy for all – children, youth and adults - is still an unaccomplished goal and an ever-moving target. As many as 114 million children of primary school age are still not enrolled in school. This means one in every five children is deprived of access to even the most basic education. The target for governments and development agencies under the Millennium Development Goal 2 is to ensure that all children everywhere go to primary school by 2015.

The target can be achieved, but not without the contribution of volunteers who work at the local level in a myriad of roles to bring education to inaccessible and marginalized communities. In this section, we highlight the role volunteers are playing in the efforts to meet the MDG 2 targets and also the contribution of student volunteers themselves.

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19 May 2010
UNV volunteer shoots '8 Goals for Africa' 
Accompanied by a music video, ‘8 Goals for Africa’ is being disseminated free of charge locally and internationally, before, during and after the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The performing artists will also make special appearances during the soccer tournament, promoting the MDGs and calling for action. 
The music video will be screened throughout the World Cup, across all the fan parks and public viewing areas. On the day of the finals, all eight artists will come together to sing the song in a live performance at the Soccer City Fan Fest in Johannesburg. The video will also be distributed to the international media. (UNIC South Africa/'8 Goals for the MDGs')
Pretoria, South Africa: A UNV volunteer has brought together Africa's top musicians for a high-profile campaign connecting the Millennium Development Goals with the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.  Read article
18 February 2010
Skills needed to improve lives in Cameroon  by Paul Samjela Ngomba
Students in Cameroon learn about new developments in the science of computer on International Volunteer Day in 2009.
Limbe, Cameroon: Volunteers joined the Provincial delegate of Secondary Education for the South West Region to mark International Volunteer Day in 2009 in Cameroon.   Read article
More about: Cameroon  Environment
13 February 2009
Sudan volunteers aid in school reconstruction 
Pageri, Sudan: The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Sudan, in cooperation with the private sector and the Ministry of Education, teamed up to rebuild a primary school.   Read article
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22 January 2009
New MDG cartoons for Kosovo 
Pristina, Kosovo: For IVD, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme team in Kosovo commissioned a local artist to come up with a new spin on the Millennium Development Goals.  Read article
09 January 2009
Passing it forward in Aceh by Ken To
Despite the devastation of the 2004 tsunami, some children still enjoy the waves. (K. To)
Banda Aceh, Indonesia: "Very often we do not tend to realize, let alone appreciate, that we already have so much more than most people in the world." A volunteer with International Humanity Foundation relates his teaching experiences in Aceh, Indonesia.  Read article
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Hatua Likoni 
Hatua Likoni is a community based development organization alleviating poverty, under-education and idleness among children and youth in Likoni, Kenya. Through education, guidance and economic opportunities, Hatua Likoni fosters personal development and self sufficiency among young people while promoting economic development and civil society within Likoni.   Visit site
Volunteer for Community Development (VFCD) 
Volunteer for Community Development and Environment Education (VFCD) is a non-government, non-profit organization in Vietnam with a mission to build global community events through local environmental and community services. VFCD provides opportunities that make a difference to the lives of people from all parts of the world.  Visit site
Asociacion Artistica para Niños 
ASART (La Asociación Artística para Niños), is a non profit organization interested in the achievement of a culture of peace. The organization works with marginal urban communities, develops projects focused on children and teenagers rights, environmental issues and peace in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  Visit site

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Tree planting at the Lagud Village Learning Inn in Barangay Uhaj, Banaue. Eloisa Romero from JICA (wearing black, on the left) and Jephonie Himiwat (right) attend. (JICA)
16 July 2008, 05:45
A diploma for a rice cooker 
In the Philippines, two Japanese volunteers help send young Ifugao people to school and, in the process, learn to cook rice without a rice cooker...

Jephonie Himmiwat is an Ifugao, one of the indigenous people in the northern Philippines. Her people and their land are inseparable, thus both are called by the same name, Ifugao. 

In Japan, two women enjoyed a very different upbringing. Twenty-three-year-old Kiyoko Okamoto spent four years as staff at the Mister Donut chain while she was studying international economics in the city of Fukuoka. Thirty-year-old Kozue Kamijo worked part-time in a restaurant while attending a business school in the Japanese capital.

  Read entry

27 December 2007, 11:42
Mexico: Creación del Programa de Estudiantes Voluntarios de la Universidad de Colima 
Les escribo para compartirles la experiencia que tuvimos con motivo del Día Internacional del Voluntariado:

A un año de creación del Programa de Estudiantes Voluntarios de la Universidad de Colima (que por cierto es uno de los resultado de la Red UNITeS), y dentro del marco del Día Internacional del Voluntariado, organizamos el pasado jueves 6 de diciembre la 1a Feria de Estudiantes Voluntarios: "Descubriendo su Potencial Social".  Read entry
From: IVD 2007 Blog