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UNV volunteer Liu Hui comforts a woman affected by the Sichuan earthquake. (H. Liu/UNV)
02 June 2008, 15:08
Earthquake Diary: 29 May by Liu Hui
Ms. Liu Hui and Mr. Gao Wei were originally serving with the Beijing Youth League on the joint project with UNV and UNDP, 'Strengthening Volunteerism for Development through the Beijing Olympics'. Here are some photographs of them interacting with people in the earthquake zone.  Read entry

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Tents sent by the Netherlands begin to arrive in the Sichuan erathquake zone. (L.Liu/UNV)
02 June 2008, 20:55
Earthquake Diary: 28 May by Liu Lei
There is a batch of 1,900 family tents from the Netherlands, co-donated by the Dutch Government and Dutch Red Cross, which will arrive in Chengdu. In order to understand all the details of the logistics procedure, I  visit Chengdu International Airport to find out how the tent transportation pipeline works.  Read entry

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02 June 2008, 20:51
Earthquake Diary: 27 May by Liu Lei
As the IFRC team in Sichuan gets stronger, more volunteer interpreters are needed. Just over these last three days, people from ten different fields have joined the team.  Read entry

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Children were particularly affected by the Sichuan earthquake. (H. Liu/UNV)
26 May 2008, 18:54
Earthquake Diary: 26 May by Liu Hui
Among the most severely affected after the Sichuan earthquake are children.   Read entry

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Volunteer medical personnel advance through the rubble after the Sichuan earthquake. (H. Liu/UNV)
26 May 2008, 18:07
Earthquake Diary: 25 May by Liu Hui
Among the many volunteers dealing with the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake are hundreds of doctors, nurses and other medical staff. With the roads in poor repair, they must often travel on foot dressed as if for the surgery.  Read entry

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UNV volunteer Liu Hui comforts a girl affected by the Sichuan earthquake. (H. Liu/UNV)
26 May 2008, 18:44
Earthquake Diary: 24 May by Liu Hui
Joining Mr. Liu Lei in Sichuan are two more UNV volunteers, Ms. Liu Wei and Mr. Gao Wei. Ms. Wei will be contributing photographs for the earthquake diary.  Read entry

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UNV volunteer Liu Lei speaks to the Red Cross psychological intervention team before heading to the disaster area. (L. Liu/UNV)
26 May 2008, 06:15
Earthquake Diary: 22 May by Liu Lei
Concerning the psychological health of people in the disaster area, the Chinese Red Cross has launched a large-scale psychological intervention project, so according to the plan our team is going to check it out today in order to help them improve their practices.  Read entry

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Volunteers form a human chain to distribute food and water to earthquake survivors. (L. Liu.UNV)
24 May 2008, 05:18
Earthquake Diary: 21 May by Liu Lei
In the early morning, I receive a complaint that somebody sold tents yesterday using the name of the local Red Cross to transport them to Chengdu taking advantage of the emergency transportation system. In order to clarify the process of this case and submit a report correctly, I begin to call people one by one, who gives me their complaints, and I investigate like Sherlock Holmes…  Read entry

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Volunteers prepare to spray disinfectant in Mian Yang, China, following the Sichuan earthquake. The spread of disease is a serious danger. (L. Liu/UNV)
24 May 2008, 00:42
Earthquake Diary: 20 May by Liu Lei
Now that the focus of the rescue work has changed to disease control, water sanitation and reconstruction of affected areas, according to the initial plan, the most urgency relates to the refugee's daily lives and health.  Read entry

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A tent city is growing to house people displaced by the Sichuan earthquake. (L. Liu/UNV)
24 May 2008, 00:29
Earthquake Diary: 19 May by Liu Lei
In order to donate at least 100,000 standard rescue tents to the disaster area, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has decided to try its utmost to find the number of tents immediately, so the team decided the main work for today is finding as many tent factories as possible.  Read entry

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