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Emergency relief - Related links
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Tsunami Volunteer Center 
The Tsunami Volunteer Center, based in Khao Lak, Thailand, was founded in January 2005 in response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami. TVC is a Thai-led NGO funded almost entirely by private donation and is not affiliated with any religions. Its aim is to assist in the restoration of tsunami-affected communities through empowerment. The Center serves strictly as a “partner organization” in that projects undertaken by the Center are driven exclusively by community needs and are executed in full partnership with village members.  Visit site
More about: Thailand  Homeless
Guide to Appropriate Giving 
A fact sheet from InterAction with terrific tips on the most appropriate ways we can help disaster victims in other countries.   Visit site
Donating to disaster relief: How to do it effectively 
When a major disaster occurs, contributions of clothes, or shoes, or blankets are not always the most beneficial for the survivors. This “Guide to Giving” offers some options to donate effectively.  Visit site
When Disaster Strikes: Considerations for Helping Relief Efforts 
When disasters strike, many of us look for a way to contribute to the relief of the victims. This article from Idealist gives you a few issues to think about as you look to get involved in the disaster response.   Visit site
Medical volunteers partner with tsunami survivors 
Northwest Medical Teams' volunteers in post-tsunami South Asia continue to focus on targeted projects in the region, working with local groups, schools and ministries of health to help thousands of hurting families rebuild their lives.  Visit site
'Aid tourists' pass test of time 
In the weeks that followed the tsunami, tourists started returning to Sri Lanka - but many were not there for a holiday, they went to help in the relief effort.  Visit site
The unlikely volunteers 
They don't exactly spring to mind when considering who should be first on the ground in a disaster zone. But with charities sitting on a mountain of cash given in response to the tsunami appeal, the scramble is now on for perhaps the most unlikely subspecies of aid worker: accountants.  Visit site
Hilltop hotel turned into tsunami rescue center 
When Asia's tsunami struck this famous beach resort town but spared their Hilltop Nature Resort, owner Somporn Sintop and his son didn't hesitate: They drove through the area, picked up 200 stranded tourists - many of them injured - and gave them food and shelter. Today, about 150 local and foreign volunteers are working in the modest resort’s reception area, turned into a relief centre, and staying at its 40 wooden cabins - for free.  Visit site
Volunteers raise €175,000 in Irish city 
In an exceptional response to a fundraising appeal, citizens of Waterford city in Ireland donated over €175,000 for the victims of the Asian tsunamis. A team of 1,000 volunteers collected the amount in three-and-a-half hours.  Visit site
Meet 'Father Teresa' of the Andamans 
A wireless operator who saved thousands of lives on December 26 with what he calls his personal early warning system, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands has earned the nickname 'Father Teresa'. The 39-year-old Razzak Ali, from the southern Andamanese island of Teressa, could make out in advance that the waves were going to strike.  Visit site

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